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Time and time again I hear from people about how unhappy they are with the returns they are making in their IRA account.  OR.. I come across people that have an old retirement account from a previous job just sitting there making no money and they don’t know what to do with it.  I am here to tell you to GET THE RETURNS YOU DESIRE!! YOU CAN INVEST IN REAL ESTATE WITH YOUR IRA and.. yes.. it is 100% legal!!  Bye Bye Stock Market!

The Self Directed IRA is a retirement account that has the SAME tax benefits as a normal IRA, but you have more flexibility with what you invest in!

The number #1 reason people tell me they love investing in real estate with their IRA:  They are investing in something they can see and understand! We give them pictures of the buildings, they can go visit the buildings, and we break down the cash flow of the building and their return plain as day! It is so easy to understand and you are invested in an actual physical objet you can go see!

So how do you start?

1st – You need to roll over your IRA into a Self Directed IRA.  You do this by locating a SDIRA custodian.  You see, the government created the SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) loop hole to allow investors more control over their investments. BUT.. at the same time they don’t want you setting them up and doing whatever you want. So they have a barrier in place- the Custodian. There are different custodian companies. On-line companies, local companies.  We have our self directed IRA with CAMA PLAN.  I like them because they are local to me, and when I call, a human being always answers the phone.  CONTACT US and I can give you more information about CAMA as well as some other Custodian resources so you can compare!

2nd- Figure out what you want to invest in and how you want to invest.  Examples of things you can invest in:

  • Real Estate

  • Precious Metals (some types)

  • LLC’s

  • Tax Lien Certificates

  • … And More!..

There are also restrictions on what you can invest in. Check with the custodian you choose! They will have all the necessary SDIRA paperwork and information you could ever need!

3rd- GET YOUR MONEY WORKING FOR YOU TO MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!! IT IS SO EASY!! When I opened my SDIRA by rolling over both old 401k, Roth IRAs and my traditional IRA.. I was shocked by how easy the process was. I immediately began investing in real estate and growing my retirement account on my own terms!

Have questions or need more information on the SDIRA process? CONTACT US! We have one ourselves and would be happy to offer you some guidance!

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